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Posted on 02-10-2015

                                                                    Top 10 Reasons Cats Stare

                                     They act like they don't care but our cats are pretty much obsessed with us.

                                                                 By Angie Bailey | Posted: January 21, 2015


Our cats might seem aloof from time to time, but they’re pretty much obsessed with us.

And by "obsessed,” I mean they like to stare directly at us. It’s sweet, but sometimes

feels a little unsettling … but not in an icky way. You know what I mean.

They have to know what we’re up to in nearly every moment, because heaven forbid t

hey miss out on something extraordinarily cool. Because we constantly do cool stuff, right?

Although they enjoy the general activity of staring at us, there are certain situations they

deem more "stare-worthy.”

In this week’s Top 10, we’ll count down these exact situations. 

10. We’re pulling into the driveway or walking up to the front door
I love pulling into the driveway and seeing one of my cats in the window, staring at me,

probably confused about where I was … and also excited because I’ve returned!

They love it when we return.

9. We’re talking to another cat
Jealous much? Yes, yes they are.

8. We’re watching cat videos
Don’t you love your cat’s expression when you’re watching meowing cats on a video?

Kitty’s all, "What the …?” 

7. We’re cleaning their litter box
All of a sudden we’re literally all up in their business and they have to supervise

every moment of it. And then, of course, they try to use the box while we’re cleaning

it … while still staring at us.

6. We’re in the bathroom
Most cats seem to have a fixation with the bathroom, specifically when we’re using

it in any way, shape or form. "Stop staring at me! I’m trying to concentrate!”

They don’t care.

5. We’re eating
Because everything is for them, right? Even what’s on our plates.

They truly do think they can "has cheezburger.”

4. They want us to go to bed
Cats love routine, and when we stray (haha) from it, they want to know why.

 And they’ll stare at us until we get back on the prescribed schedule.

3. They want to sit on our lap
You know "the look” that goes along with this one. There’s lots of guilt attached

to it, and even if we’re not in any position to have a cat on our lap, we usually cave.

What? We’re only human.

2. We’re making their food
Oh, this is a stare of pure jubilation. They know they’re about to come face to face

with a full dish of noms, and they can hardly contain themselves. For my cats,

it’s a combination race-around-the-room and stop-and-stare. It’s truly unique.

And the No. 1 reasons cats stare at us is … drumroll, please!

1. They want us to make their food – like now
About an hour before official mealtime, my three cats triangulate me and begin the

most intense kind of stare imaginable. They track my every move, in hopes that it

will precede the filling of food dishes. I’m sure you can relate.

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