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Posted on 09-10-2014

Do you often wonder if some of the "urban legends" that are circulating about our pets are true or not?  

Follow this blog over the next several days and we will explore many of these urban legends and their accuracy.  Information for this blog was taken from the AKC family dog magazine, available at www.akc.org/pubs.

Legend #1:  A Swiffer Wetjet will Poison your pet    NOT TRUE

According to the story, a 5 year old German Shepherd, in 2004, had to be euthanized for liver failure.  The owner blamed the Swiffer WetJet cleaning agent for this liver failure, claiming that the dog had walked across a floor recently cleaned with it and then licked his paws, thereby ingesting the product.  The owner researched the ingredient in WetJet, propylene glycol, and concluded from the research that this ingredient was a mere molecule away from the active ingredient in antifreeze, ethylene glycol, a known toxin for pet. 

In reality, Propylene Glycol is actually a safe product that is used as a food additive.  Also, antifreeze causes kidney failure, not liver failure.   The owner misquoted the WetJet label as saying "May be harmful to small children and pets", when, in truth, the label reads "Avoid accidents - keep out of reach of children and pets." 

This urban legend was taken so seriously by consumers that the company, Proctor & Gamble, responded to the internet story by asking the ASPCA Animal Control Poison Center to review the product and deem it safe!

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