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In-house Pharmacy

Stocking several common medications for your pet means that we can begin treatment of any conditions that may arise quicker and he/she can begin getting better faster, which is everyone’s goal. For the less common medications or specialty medications, we use several compounding pharmacies both in the area and throughout the country. These compounding pharmacies are able put the appropriate medications into a form, whether it be a flavored liquid, a transdermal cream, or just a capsule, so that you can medicate your pet more easily. We all know that pets can be a bit temperamental when taking medications, so our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Online Pharmacy

It seems that a new online pharmacy crops up every time you turn around. How do you know which ones can be trusted to give you the correct medication which has been stored and obtained correctly?

We have partnered with an online pharmacy, VetSource, which works closely with our office to provide the correct medication for your pet. If time is not a priority, an online pharmacy can be a great alternative for those who cannot get out and about or who would like to order prescribed medications in larger quantities. All prescriptions are reviewed by our office before being filled, eliminating the error factor. Once approved, the medications are sent straight to your home. Visit www.vetsource.com for more information.

As Cherokee Animal Clinic does not have a pharmacist license, we can only fill medications for pets that have been seen by our doctors.

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