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Endoscopy means “looking inside,” and this diagnostic tool provides our veterinarians an up-close view of your pet’s internal organs without resorting to major surgery. An endoscope is composed of a long tube (either flexible or rigid) with a camera attached at the end. The endoscope is inserted in the nose, mouth or rectum, depending on the area that needs to be viewed. The camera then transmits images back to the monitor.

We perform both upper and lower endoscopies, as well as tracheal washes and bronchoscopies. This tool is also useful in removing foreign bodies from your pet’s stomach, conducting biopsies and performing other procedures that might otherwise require major surgery.

Anesthesia is required to keep your pet still during the procedure. However, the amount of anesthesia required is far less than what is commonly needed for surgical procedures and, in most cases, your pet can return to the comfort of its own home the same day.

Diagnostic Laboratory

Having an on-site diagnostic laboratory means that results are available for fast and accurate treatment for your pet. The veterinarians at VCA Cherokee Animal Hospital use an off-site veterinary laboratory for routine and non-urgent tests. When quicker access to results is needed, such as those in pre-surgical labs, hospital and emergency labs, the tests are performed in-house so that treatment can begin immediately.

Pain Management

Some diseases and conditions, whether acute or chronic, are painful for our furry companions. For these pets, we offer several different pain management protocols. Our goal, as always, is to make your pet as comfortable and happy at home with you, whether it be during convalescence, to manage arthritis, or to make the end of life transition easier for all concerned. Please feel free to discuss your pet’s particular issues with our veterinarians in order to develop the most effective protocol for your pet’s condition.

Cardiac and Renal Management

Common disorders that afflict our older pets include cardiac and renal (kidney) disorders. Our doctors have extensive knowledge and experience in managing both conditions.

Cardiac disease is typically diagnosed through a physical examination, history from you about the pet’s symptoms, cardiac-specific bloodwork and an Echocardiogram or Digital Radiographs. Once diagnosed, we can develop a protocol for the treatment and management of the disease. We work as a team with you to care for your loved one.

Renal disease is much more common in our older felines. A physical examination, a thorough history from you about the cat’s symptoms, and bloodwork are all used to diagnose this chronic, but very treatable, condition. As always, early detection is the key. Once diagnosed, there are several medications that are used, diet changes that are made, as well as Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy. This therapy is one that we can teach you to do at home, or, if you prefer, you can bring your kitty to the clinic 2-3 times per week for our technicians to administer the fluids. Either way, this treatment has been highly successful in adding quality years to your cat’s life.

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